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Aesculap Exacta Clipper £119.00
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Oster Clipper Blades – Carbon steel blades with rust resistant chrome finish.

  • Come in a variety of sizes to suite any coat and length needed
  • Can be used under Oster universal comb attachments

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Oster® Professional blades are produced from the finest high-carbon steel and are handcrafted to the strictest of standards, providing unparalleled precision and performance.

Oster® Blades are hardened to RC62-66 (Rockwell Scale C) in-house, prior to receiving a cryogenic treatment which further enhances the hardening process. The blade cutting surfaces are then sharpened, finished and tested with proven Oster® proprietary processes, ensuring ultra-sharp blades that continue to stand the test of time.



Be sure to clean, disinfect and lubricate blades and regularly perform clipper upkeep for smooth, lasting performance.

We sharpen clipper blades, contact our sales team today to receive your freepost clipper blade envelope today.


10, 15, 3, 30, 3F, 4, 40, 4F, 5, 50, 5F, 7, 7F, 8.5, 9


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