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Brought to you by the world famous detangling hairbrush brand Tangle Teezer, the Pet Teezer is a brand based on innovation, addressing dog grooming needs in a gentle and efficient way.

The Pet Teezer ergonomic and hollow shape means the Pet Teezer reduces wrist strain and is easy and quick to clean.

The brush can be used on both wet and dry coats.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 12 x 5 x 5cm

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The Pet Teezer Mini Brush – The same as the original size but for smaller breeds!

Detangling & Dog Grooming Brush

Pet Teezer Mini Brush Detangling – Lilac/Yellow

A brush for detangling your dog’s coat quickly, and more importantly gently without any tugging or pulling – even on the finest of hair!

Using a patented two-tier teeth technology, the long teeth gently remove dirt, reaching confidently down to the undercoat. Whilst the shorter teeth smooth the hair and protect against matting.

De-shedding & Dog Grooming Brush

Light Blue/Blue

This palm friendly brush is ideal for de-shedding double-coated dogs. To help reduce wrist sprain during brushing, the brush has been designed with an ergonomic shape .

Using a patented technology of two-tiered teeth. The longer teeth gently remove dirt, reaching confidently down to the undercoat, while the shorter teeth pick up the loose hair.

To find out which brush to use for your breed see our brush guide


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